Discovering Lake Ray Roberts: A Comprehensive Overview

Lake Ray Roberts

Welcome to Lake Ray Roberts, a serene reservoir surrounded by lush landscapes and complemented by state park expanses, wildlife management areas, wetlands, and waterfowl sanctuaries. Managed collaboratively by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the cities of Dallas and Denton, this lake is carefully curated for both recreational and ecological purposes.

Let's explore the key units of Lake Ray Roberts.

Developed Units Lake Ray Roberts Park Units:

  • Isle du Bois Unit (1,397 acres): Opened in 1993, offering diverse recreational opportunities on the southern side.
  • Johnson Branch Unit (1,514 acres): Established in 1996, providing a
    Lake Ray Roberts Trail System
    northern perspective of the lake.

Ray Roberts Greenbelt:

A 20-mile trail system inaugurated in 1999, following the wooded banks of the Elm Fork of the Trinity River for hiking enthusiasts.

Satellite Units with Boat Ramps:

  • Jordan Unit (477 acres): Home to the Lone Star Lodge and Marina, a peaceful lakeside retreat.
  • Elm Fork (290 acres): The Greenbelt trailhead, inviting outdoor adventurers.
  • Sanger (20 acres): Hosts the Lake Ray Roberts Marina, embodying a charming lakeside ambiance.
  • Pond Creek (20 acres), Pecan Creek (48 acres), Buck Creek (11 acres): Each satellite unit, equipped with boat ramps, offers a unique lakeside experience.
    Lake Ray Roberts Map

Lake Ray Roberts caters to diverse interests, whether you're an angler, birdwatcher, or someone seeking a lakeside escape. In our exploration, we'll uncover the lake's history, vibrant ecosystems, lake activities, and access that enhance the overall experience. Join us as we unravel the layers of this extraordinary destination, where every ripple tells a story waiting to be explored. Get ready for an enriching journey, where the lake's allure goes beyond the surface, leaving a lasting impression on those who embrace its beauty.

Lake Ray Roberts: Unveiling Its Historical Tapestry

Lake Ray Roberts, situated in Texas, has a compelling historical narrative rooted in its origin and creation. The damming of the Elm Fork of the Trinity River was completed in 1987 through a collaborative effort involving the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the cities of Dallas and Denton. Following this engineering feat, Lake Ray Roberts officially opened its waters to the public in 1993, a mere six years after the dam's completion. This rapid transition from construction to public accessibility underscores the concerted efforts invested in creating a recreational haven. Over the years, the lake has evolved into a cherished destination for nature enthusiasts, showcasing a harmonious blend of development and environmental preservation.

Diverse Fisheries and Angling Adventures at Lake Ray Roberts

Lake Ray Roberts is a haven for anglers, offering a diverse range of fish species that attract fishing enthusiasts year-round. Among the prominent species inhabiting the lake are largemouth bass, white bass, crappie, catfish, and sunfish. The lake's reputation as a prime fishing destination is heightened by its impressive record catches. Notably, Lake Ray Roberts boasts a record-breaking largemouth bass, with the heaviest weighing in at an astounding 15.18 pounds, a testament to the thriving ecosystem within its waters.

Lake Ray Roberts Crappie Fishing

Anglers at Lake Ray Roberts have the opportunity to employ various fishing techniques owing to the lake's structure and vegetation. Largemouth bass, in particular, are often found around submerged structures such as fallen trees, submerged brush piles, and rocky points. White bass, on the other hand, tend to school in open water, especially during their spawning season, providing exciting opportunities for both novice and seasoned anglers.

Additionally, the lake features an abundance of aquatic vegetation, creating ideal conditions for various fish species. Submerged vegetation, such as hydrilla and milfoil, provides cover for

Lake Ray Roberts Live Scope

baitfish and attracts predatory species. Anglers frequently utilize techniques like topwater fishing and flipping jigs into these vegetated areas to entice strikes from bass.

For those seeking catfish, the lake's deeper channels and flats are prime locations, where channel catfish and blue catfish can be found. The varied underwater topography, including humps, ledges, and drop-offs, provides ample opportunities for anglers to explore and optimize their fishing strategies.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice, Lake Ray Roberts offers an enticing array of fishing experiences. With its diverse fish population, impressive records, and a range of fishing structures and vegetation, the lake stands as a dynamic and rewarding destination for those passionate about the art of angling.

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Lake Ray Roberts Fishing Records, 11/25/2023:

  • White Crappie: 3.09 lbs
  • Black Crappie: 2.46 lbs
  • Blue Catfish: 59.99 lbs
  • Flathead Catfish: 77.20 lbs
  • Channel Catfish: 23.21 lbs
  • Largemouth Bass: 15.18 lbs
  • White Bass: 3.12 lbs
  • Hybrid Striper : 11.10 lbs

Avian Wonders: Birdwatching Delights at Lake Ray Roberts

Lake Ray Roberts, with its diverse ecosystems, is a haven for birdwatching enthusiasts, offering a splendid array of avian species throughout the year. The lake and its surrounding habitats provide a thriving environment for both resident and migratory birds, making it a birdwatcher's paradise.

Seasonal Highlights:

Bird Watching

Timing your birdwatching adventures can unveil a spectacular display of avian diversity. During the spring and fall migrations, the lake becomes a temporary residence for a variety of migratory birds. Keep an eye out for vibrant warblers, waterfowl, and raptors as they traverse the skies. The summer months are ideal for observing nesting activities, with shorebirds and wading birds making regular appearances.

Rare Bird Sightings:

Lake Ray Roberts has gained recognition for hosting rare bird species, making it an exciting destination for birdwatchers seeking unique encounters. The winter months may bring sightings of Bald Eagles and Sandhill Cranes, adding a majestic touch to the serene landscape. The lake's strategic location along migratory routes enhances the likelihood of spotting unexpected guests, creating a sense of anticipation for birdwatchers year-round.

Natural Environment and Habitats:

The lake's diverse habitats contribute to its avian abundance. The wooded areas along the shores are home to songbirds and woodpeckers, while the expansive


wetlands and waterfowl sanctuaries attract a variety of water birds. The shoreline and mudflats provide ideal conditions for wading birds and shorebirds, creating a dynamic ecosystem that supports a wide range of bird species.

Lake Ray Roberts' commitment to environmental conservation and habitat preservation is evident in the lush vegetation and well-maintained ecosystems. The mix of wooded areas, wetlands, and open water fosters a balanced environment that sustains bird populations throughout the seasons.

Whether you're an avid birder or a casual observer, Lake Ray Roberts offers a captivating spectacle of winged wonders. The combination of strategic timing and diverse habitats makes every visit a unique and rewarding experience, providing an opportunity to connect with nature and witness the beauty of avian life in its natural habitat.

Aquatic Adventures at Lake Ray Roberts: Unleashing Water Excitement

Lake Ray Roberts beckons water enthusiasts with a dynamic array of aquatic

Lake Ray Roberts Fishing on Boat

activities that make every visit a thrilling experience. The lake, surrounded by lush landscapes, provides an idyllic setting for water recreation throughout the year, but certain seasons witness heightened activity. Lake Ray Roberts has varying depths throughout its expanse with the maximum depth being approximately 106 feet deep.

Party Cove Extravaganza:

During the summer, a unique phenomenon known as "Party Cove" emerges. This designated area becomes a vibrant congregation of boats, jet skis, and revelers, creating a floating community of shared enjoyment. It's the perfect spot for socializing, music, and experiencing the lively camaraderie of fellow lake enthusiasts. For those seeking a lively atmosphere on the water, Party Cove is the go-to destination.

Lake Ray Roberts has water activities

Adrenaline-Packed Activities:

Lake Ray Roberts caters to thrill-seekers with a plethora of water sports. Jet skiing enthusiasts carve through the waves, while wakeboarders showcase their skills, catching air and performing impressive tricks. The lake's expansive surface area provides ample space for these exhilarating activities, ensuring a memorable experience for both beginners and seasoned water sports enthusiasts.

Lake Ray Roberts has Kayaking

Whether you're drawn to the adrenaline rush of jet skiing, the excitement of wakeboarding, or the communal atmosphere of Party Cove, Lake Ray Roberts offers an aquatic playground for every water lover. While the summer months witness a flurry of activity, each season brings its unique charm to the lake. So, gear up, make a splash, and immerse yourself in the thrilling water activities that make Lake Ray Roberts an unrivaled destination for aquatic adventure.

Safe Waters for Refreshing Recreation at Lake Ray Roberts

Dive into the refreshing waters of Lake Ray Roberts with confidence, as the lake offers designated swimming areas at both units of Lake Ray Roberts State Park—Isle Du Bois and Johnson Branch. These carefully delineated swimming zones are safeguarded with buoys, ensuring a secure environment for water enthusiasts of all ages. The buoys not only mark the boundaries but also act as a protective barrier, preventing boats from entering and ensuring a tranquil space exclusively for swimmers. Whether you choose to soak up the sun, build sandcastles, or take a dip in the cool waters, each recreational area features a sandy beach that invites leisurely enjoyment.


It's essential to note that while these areas are considered safe, there are no lifeguards on duty. Visitors are encouraged to exercise caution and enjoy the water responsibly, as swimming is at your own risk. The amenities extend beyond the water's edge, with well-appointed picnic tables, charcoal grills, restrooms, and playgrounds, providing a perfect blend of relaxation and recreation. With safety measures in place and a host of amenities, Lake Ray Roberts ensures a family-friendly atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for a day of sun, sand, and aquatic fun.

Immersive Camping Experiences at Lake Ray Roberts

Camping enthusiasts find a haven of natural tranquility at Lake Ray Roberts, with two primary camping areas, Isle Du Bois and Johnson Branch, catering to a diverse range of preferences. Whether pitching a tent or parking an RV, visitors


can choose from a variety of campsites, with fees ranging from $15 to $25, depending on the chosen accommodation. Isle Du Bois, spanning 1,397 acres on the southern shores, and Johnson Branch, encompassing 1,514 acres on the northern side, both offer picturesque settings for a night under the stars. For those seeking a unique outdoor experience, Lake Ray Roberts provides equestrian campsites, allowing riders to connect with nature while camping with their horses. Whether it's the serenity of lakeside tent camping or the convenience of RV accommodations, Lake Ray Roberts ensures a memorable camping experience for outdoor enthusiasts of all preferences.

Navigating the Waters: Lake Ray Roberts Boat Ramps

Lake Ray Roberts offers convenient access to its expansive waters through a well-designed network of boat ramps, ensuring a seamless experience for water enthusiasts. Boasting an array of ramps strategically located across the lake, visitors can easily launch their boats and embark on aquatic adventures. Notable among these boat ramps are the Isle Du Bois Unit and Johnson Branch Unit, each providing access to specific sections of the lake. Whether you're seeking a quiet cove for fishing or aiming for the open waters, these ramps serve as gateways to the diverse experiences Lake Ray Roberts has to offer.

🗺️ Isle Du Bois Unit Map:

Lake Ray Roberts Isle Du Bois Boat Ramp Map

Strategically positioned on the southern side, Isle Du Bois Unit's boat ramps offer convenient access to the lake's southern expanses, making it an ideal starting point for those exploring this section.

🗺️ Johnson Branch Unit:

Lake Ray Roberts Johnson Branch Boat Ramp Map

Located on the northern side, the boat ramps at Johnson Branch Unit provide access to a different perspective of Lake Ray Roberts, catering to those who wish to explore the northern reaches of the lake.

🗺️ Satellite Units:

Explore the unique launching points of Lake Ray Roberts' satellite units, each offering access to specific sections of the lake:

Jordan Unit Boat Ramp:

Lake Ray Roberts Jordan Unit Boat Ramp Map

Sanger Unit Boat Ramp:

Lake Ray Roberts Sanger Unit Boat Ramp Map

Pond Creek Unit Boat Ramp:

Lake Ray Roberts Pond Creek Unit Boat Ramp

Pecan Creek Unit Boat Ramp: 

Lake Ray Roberts Pecan Creek Unit Boat Ramp Map

Buck Creek Unit Boat Ramp:

Lake Ray Roberts Buck Creek Unit Boat Ramp Map

Whether you're a seasoned angler, a leisurely cruiser, or an adventure seeker on a jet ski, Lake Ray Roberts' boat ramps are your gateway to an aquatic playground. So, chart your course, launch your vessel, and let the waters of Lake Ray Roberts unfold before you.

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