No Culling Crappie Regulation On East Texas Lakes

Its that time of year again at Lake O' The Pines and Lake Fork, East Texas! Remember all anglers and crappie enthusiast that both lakes require you to keep all crappie you catch between December 1st and February 28th, regardless of

Big Crappie Fish Weigh In

size, up to the limit of 25 crappie.

What Is The Crappie Minimum Size Regulation?

Under this regulation, you will keep all crappie in the winter until, March 1st. At that point the standard 10 inch minimum size requirement will be reinstated.

TPWD Regulations

How Many Crappie Is The Limit to Keep?

Crappie Limit Guided Fishing Trip

Set by TPWD, we are able to keep up to 25 crappie for a big limit, in any combination of black or white crappie. Don't be tempted to overfish like these two fisherman we read about in Mississippi, with 141 fish over the state limit! 

Why The No Cull Rule In Winter On Lake Fork or Lake O' The Pines?

During the winter crappie are found at greater depths, which causes their air-bladder to over inflate when pulled up to the surface. This action results in hyperbuoyancy and may prevent the crappie from being able to swim properly and ultimately die. As a result, this regulation aims to minimize the amount of wasted fish being culled or thrown back into the lake, in pursuit of larger crappie. Which ultimately may kill the culled crappie in this hyperbuoyancy state.


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